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IIn 2012, FERN opened its door to the competitive Global Market through the launch of i-fern.

i-fern engages in direct selling and network marketing. Continuing the legacy of its mother company, i-fern believes in a very simple concept: spreading good health while giving lucrative business opportunities to its members.

The company uses the latest technology to ensure ease and convenience for its members who engage in the global business.
Aside from an attractive marketing plan, i-fern boasts of having four world-class quality products: FERN-ACTIV, FERN-D, MilkCa and Silverfresh.

The combination of premium products and a dynamic and generous compensation plan, serve as vehicles that empower the vision until prosperity is reached by all.

My name is Agnes  Alejandre 

from Miami beach a 63 years old Filipina.


an RN BSN by profession.

I’m have been working in long term care for 39 years since I came from the Philippines. I was introduced to I-fern during my last visit to the Philippines

. I got interested with their world-class 


products and got exited with joining the company. Now I’m looking for interest hard-working 

individuals to join me in my

 journey to financial freedom. I-fern is new in the United State so you can imagine the potential and the opportunity to archive your financial



Numbers speak for themselves!

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