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Frequently Asked Question!

I-FernUSA is a booming company that has quickly progressed in the Philippenes and we are now bringing it to the United States. We are specialized in selling affordable and effective supplements and high end beauty products. I-Fern-Usa assists motivated individuals to become successful entrepreneurs. We have opportunities foreveryone.

You may contact one of our specialized distributors at They will gladly assist you with the set-upprocess and answer any additional questions you mayhave.

Yes, all the products are FDA approved and comply with all stablished legal standards.

With I-Fern-Usa you have 6 different ways to earn money. Contact one of our specialist to lear how. There are no limits with our company the more you are willing to work the more you will earn money.

I-Fern-Usa is a company that allows you to become a distributor of high quality products. We not only focus on earning money, but in providing an equal opportunity for everyone to reach their goals. We can all accomplish great things with I-Fern-Usa